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Message from C.E.O

We have created awareness amongst the masses as to what real luxury living is according to international standards. Insha Allah, no one can stop us from fulfilling our pure ambitions for “The Land of the Pure”. As I look at the growth & achievements of Akbargroups Real Estate & Builders over the past decade, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and excited about an even more promising future. Akbargroups Real Estate & Builders has successfully transitioned into Asia’s largest private property developer and has maintained the title through continuously introducing new dimensions to real estate & luxury living in Pakistan and gained our customer’s trust every step of the way.

Akbargroups Real Estate & Builders is a name that has been making news across oceans, on the cover of international papers & magazines for its construction marvels which is why we are the most preferred investment destination not only for Pakistanis but also in the eyes of expats as well as foreign investors. It is no surprise that we have won 10 accolades at the International Property Awards under various categories for our projects.

We have transformed real estate into fine art, which is why at Akbargroups Real Estate & Builders each project is treated like a sculpture that is molded according to each client’s individual requirements. Our goal is to bring Pakistan on the list of developed countries, which is why Akbargroups Real Estate & Builders offers the strongest infrastructure in the country yet caters to all the different socioeconomic classes of Pakistan.

Mian Umer Akbar
Chief Executive, Akbargroups Real Estate & Builder